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Sports Massage for Sports Clubs & Events

Sports massage for Clubs 

Having worked with and within a number of sports clubs I understand when the the application of treatment can be most beneficial to a sports club and athletes themselves.  ​

Regular treatment as part of a training programme is beneficial in maximising performance, preventing delayed onset of muscle soreness, maintaining healthy muscles and preventing injury.​

Massage treatment can be beneficial when applied post-injury to promote healing, reduce pain and improve recovery. In combination with mobilisation and the application of Kinesiology tape, an athlete can return to sport as soon as possible.

The benefits of organising regular treatments for a sports club include:

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Reduced delayed onset of muscle soreness

  • Maximise performance

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced tension

  • Reduced pain

Sports Massage for Events 

Working with event organisers across the country to provide pre and post event massage treatments for:

  • Club Tournaments

  • Charity Events (runs etc) 

  • Festivals/ shows (fitness, dance etc) 

  • Endurance events 

Pre-event massage includes the application of quick and stimulating massage strokes which can be used to prepare muscle prior to activity. Pre-event massage can also help reduce the risk of injury, maximise performance and provide time for mental preparation prior to an event or competition.

Post-event massage includes the application of slower massage techniques which can help prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness and improve healing and recovery. Post-event massage can also improve blood circulation which can increase the presence of nutrients such as calcium and iron being available to the worked muscles.

This package is provided onsite in your club or event, please contact for pricing and availability.  

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