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Kinesio Taping 

With injury, the space between the skin and muscles gets compressed which can cause pain and poor lymphatic drainage. By applying  K-tape, the space between the skin and muscle increases allowing the skin and muscles to move more freely and thus cause pain relief. 

Kinesiology taping is particularly useful for treating sporting injuries or helping reduce the stress on any previous injury during games. 

Taping is a great way to continue a rehabilitative treatment, working continuously, so each treatment lasts for 2-3 days.​

Some of  the benefits of taping:

  • Relaxes and reduced pain in overused and overstrained muscles

  • Activates muscles that have been weakened after injury, trauma or surgery

  • Stabilises that area without restricting movement

  • Provides support for weak or injured muscles

If you require taping as part of your treatment please specify at time of booking. ​

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