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Pressure Point Massage
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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a deeper pressure massage that provides relief from tight muscles, aches and pains. It will go deep into the muscle tissue, tendons and fascia providing a relieving therapeutic massage that is relaxing to the body and mind reducing stress and improving your wellbeing. 

This treatment gives the muscles a much-needed massage that helps free the tissues from stiffness and pain and any discomfort. The massage will be a combination of deep strokes using forearms application, friction and acupressure if you like a deeper massage than a general massage this is an effective treatment.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Loosens muscles and eliminates blockages that cause tightness and muscle pain.

  • Relieves pain, cramping, increases mobility and heals muscle tissues.

  • Reduces discomfort and reduced mobility from muscle tension.

  • Improves sporting performance breaking up scar tissue, which when left untreated, can slow recovery from injury.

  • Deep tissue is effective in treating back pain, including sciatica.

  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety thanks to the calming effect of the hands-on pressure.

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