Trigger Point Therapy

  • 45 minutes
  • 65 euros
  • Dundrum - Yoga Dublin |Mount Merrion - REVO

Service Description

Trigger points are hypersensitive, tightened areas, known as taut bands, which can occur in any muscle. Trigger points cause pain, tingling, burning, weakness and other symptoms. They have a special property called referred pain. This means that they cause pain right where they are AND pain in other areas. An amazing number of our common aches and pains (and a variety of other puzzling physical symptoms) have been found to be caused by myofascial trigger points. In fact, trigger points have been proven to be the primary cause of pain roughly 85 percent of the time and to be part of nearly every pain problem. This is based on decades of medical research by Doctors Janet Travell and David Simons.